Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Nintendo DSI Games

Have you been looking at the new Nintendo DSI games? Of course they look very cool and a lot of fun, but my concern is that the new games may not work in my old DS. One thing that I love about my Nintendo DS is that my Game Boy Advanced games can play on my Nintendo DS. Now with the new Nintendo DSI games coming out, I hear that I cannot play the old Game Boy Advanced games on the DSI. That totally sucks.

We should be able to play the Game Boy Advanced and the Nintendo DS games on the Nintendo DSI. I would not expect that the new Nintendo DSI games would work in the Game Boy or the DS, but the other way around they should work.

The game manufacturers really know how to take advantage of their customers by making them buy entire new game systems and games every other year. I still don't have all of the games that I wanted to buy for my DS and now I am thinking about the DSI, but that is another story because I heard that the DSI sucks.

Good luck with your new Nintendo DSI games.